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The companies that comprise Old Mutual Financial Network deliver a diverse portfolio of annuities and life insurance products via an established group of master general agents.

Products are distributed in 49 states and the District of Columbia.
Old Mutual Financial Network has nearly one million policyholders nationwide.

As of June 30, 2008,
Old Mutual Financial Network had $18.3 billion in statutory-basis assets and in-force life business valued at $114 billion. ($16.1 billion have been set aside for OM Financial Life Insurance Company policyholder liabilities). Total IFRS-basis assets for OMFN, including its direct affiliates were $31.9 billion as of June 30, 2008.

From a sales perspective, Old Mutual Financial Network  consists of three distinct distribution channels including Life Distribution, Annuity Distribution and Institutional Distribution.

Each distribution channel is supported by a Senior Vice President, external Regional Vice Presidents and an internal wholesaling team based in the company’s national sales office in Atlanta.

Working through an independent network of Master General Agents, each of the distribution channels ensure that our distribution partners are armed with an innovative and balanced product portfolio

Old Mutual Financial Network Life Product Portfolio

Term portfolio:

  • Saver's Select Term
  • HomeCertain
  • Value Select

Universal Life portfolio

  • SecureMaster UL
  • WealthMaster Classic
  • ValueMaster

Indexed Universal Life portfolio:

  • MasterChoice
  • MasterElite


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Old Mutual Financial Network Term Life Insurance Products

Old Mutual Financial Network IncomeCertain Product Features
■  Old Mutual Financial Network Saver's Select Product Features
Old Mutual Financial Network Value Select Product Features




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Not all products from all companies are available in all states.

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